New Building Update - Oct 2015

Written by Barry Munsell on . Posted in Building Plans

A great deal of work has been done in the last several days at the building:

Barry has been finalizing the framing of walls in several areas inside the building.  Among the most significant are the very tall walls around the baptistery at the front of the auditorium.

The insolation contractor has been back in to insulate areas behind other contractors’ work. Church volunteers have been sealing the seams in the outside wall in preparation to drywall installation. Our architect checked on our progress and is assisting us in getting the proper fire alarm system wired for the size building we have.


Sidewalk was framed, prep’d and poured.

Wind damaged material was replaced and redone under the drive-through.

Contractor had 1000 sheets of 5/8” 4x12 drywall delivered and prepositioned. (They’ll need more.)

Numerous volunteers came to help this week to do a wide variety of tasks, including moving lumber/OSB/drywall, clean, caulk, build walls, dig out sidewalk frames, cover curing concrete, deliver materials, and encourage the workers.

Progress is obvious in nearly every area of the project and there’s much more to come in the days ahead.  Help is needed nearly every day.  Please call Dave Williams or Barry Munsell if you can work. We see great potential in the tool that this big building can be in serving God’s Kingdom in the MatSu.  We are eager to put the building phase behind us so that the distraction of the construction doesn’t take us away from other important work.Thank you very much to the volunteers for your hours of labor and service.  Thank you everyone for your faith, support and encouragement.