Valley Bible Institute

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VBI has operated under the oversight of the Valley church of Christ Elders since September, 2006.  We offer Bible courses from Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) as a certified Satellite School in Alaska.


SIBI Satellite Schools are simply groups of people who gather where they live to study God's word using materials from Sunset External Studies.  Those who participate receive Biblical teaching from the excellent instructors at SIBI via video and audio courses. These professional courses are packaged with relevant reading materials as well as associated study guides.


Satellite Schools serve the purpose of training church leaders and spokesmen where they are without requiring relocation to the residence school in Lubbock. However, just as importantly, they also meet the needs of a grass roots movement of individual Christians who desire to be more effective servants in the kingdom strengthened by deeper Bible knowledge. The rapid growth in this ministry illustrates how effective this tool has become to hundreds of Christians seeking in-depth Bible knowledge.