Valley Ladies’ Retreat 2017

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Each October the ladies from the Valley look forward to our special time to retreat from the world. We spend nearly 24 hours together singing, praying, listening, discussing, fellowshipping, sharing, crafting, eating and sometimes sleeping.
This year our Ladies’ Retreat, which was held on October 20-21, had the theme “God is Able” taken from Ephesians 3:20.
“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

This powerful little verse packs a huge punch when applied to our walk as Christians.
Throughout the years we have had many speakers come and share with us. Most of them have been from congregations around Alaska. This year we were blessed to have Dana Jaworski from Anchor Point. Dana gave us four wonderful lessons to remind us that God’s incredible power working in us is able to do more than we could ever imagine. All of Dana’s lessons were recorded and are available to watch at the following link: Ladies Retreat Lessons on YouTube

The food, the decorations, and the take-home favors were over-the-top, as usual. But the spirit of unity, the beautiful hearts and the joy of being together sharing God’s beautiful Word was priceless.

Thank you, ladies, for another great retreat!

To watch the 2017 Ladies Retreat Lessons on YouTube - Click Here.

Ladies Retreat 2010

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We are working hard to plan the upcoming Ladies Retreat.  If you are interested in being involved in the planning the next meeting is Sunday, April 11, 2010 @12:15 in the teen classroom.  If you have any questions , the contact person for this group is Bonnie Murrill.

Ladies’ Retreat 2008 – Quiet Times In The Lord

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Another year and another successful ladies’ retreat.  We were blessed to be able to spend the weekend at the beautiful Meier Lake Conference Center once again.  We were also blessed to have Kim Binkley return as our guest speaker this year.  Each year we we walk away from these retreats having grown and so encouraged.  We would like to add a huge thank you to everyone who works so hard to make this possible.

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April Ladies Encouragement Group

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It's almost the beginning of April and time to think about who in our church family needs some special encouragement in the next month.  It's been wonderful  having more participation in this ministry, now that the ladies' ministry has been re-organized.  There are some great things happening, all over the place!  A few of you have asked me if we are still planning to meet at our regularly-scheduled times (the first Thursday of the month and the following Sunday).  The answer is "Yes."  I figured that if I rescheduled, it could get confusing and throw things off a bit.  Plus, the rest of my month is pretty packed!  I know that a lot of you won't be able to be at either of our upcoming meetings,  but you can still participate.  This is what you can do:

     1)  Between now & Sunday, let me know the names
           of people you think need some encouragement.
           (think, look around!)  I'll add these to our list.

     2) Check back with me in the next week or so (call,
          email, or just ask in person) and I will share the
          list with you, so that you can choose who you want to encourage.

Thank you so much for your loving hearts!  God has given us with a large family with many needs.  It is both a privilege and a responsibility to care for each other.  Let's keep up lifting each other up and honoring our Father! 
Tammie Baker

2009 Ladies’ Retreat

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Ladies mark your calendars and schedule your babysitters for October 23rd-24th.  The 2009 Valley Ladies’ Retreat is coming up.  Our theme for this year is “Privileged to be Chosen”, and we are blessed to have Laura Boswell from Fairbanks coming as our guest speaker.  Our retreat this year is going to be held at the Birchwood Camp.  So, get ready for a weekend of growth, fellowship, and fun.  Hope to see you there!

Ladies’ Retreat 2007 – I’m Glad He’s God and I Am Not

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For the first time ever this year we brought up a guest speaker for our annual ladies retreat.  Kim Binkley from Texas was our guest speaker.  She delivered some wonderful, challenging lessons that inspired a lot of growth.  We are so thankful to her for her faith driven lessons.  We also had a great time getting to know her and some great fellowship.  Once again the men did an amazing job with our menu and we all left the weekend feeling pampered.

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